Product List
    1. MQS Series Automatic Self-Priming Pump with Brass Impeller CoverThis industrial self-priming pump adopts radial liquid suction (inside the pump case) rather than conventional axial liquid suction (at the front side).
    1. MJM Series Self-Priming Jet Pump with Built-In EjectorThis single-phase jet pump makes use of rotor (with stainless steel shaft) and high-power motor to ensure enough power output and low temperature rise, while the motor adopts thermal ...
    1. MKP Series Peripheral PumpThis peripheral pump is made from high-strength and highly anti-corrosive raw materials, thus realizing good corrosion resistance and protecting pumped liquid from contamination.
    1. MQP Series Peripheral PumpThe water inlet is designed at the side surface of the pump. Due to the rational structure design, the peripheral pump is available with a great number of advantages, including reliable sealing ...
    1. MCP Series Centrifugal PumpThis horizontal centrifugal pump has a working efficiency of 38%-80% which is pretty high among different kinds of water pumps, and it is more energy-saving than peripheral pump and jet ...
    1. 2MCP Series Two-Stage Centrifugal PumpThe pump shaft exhibits good concentricity, and the impeller has excellent dynamic and static balancing properties. Thus, our horizontal centrifugal pump is able to work ...
    1. MF Series Hot Water Centrifugal PumpThe MF series hot water centrifugal pump is scientifically designed and meticulously crafted according to international standards. This horizontal centrifugal pump is sometimes referred to as fluoroplastic centrifugal pump or boiler feedwater pump.
    1. SUP Series Submersible Clean Water PumpThis single-phase submersible pump is designed and optimized by computers, and it offers distinctive performance in pumping water with solid particles or long fibers.
    1. Hot Water Circulating PumpThe domestic hot water circulation pump is able to deal with hot water up to 110℃, and its maximum working pressure is 10 bar. For water-alcohol mixture, its proportion shall not ...
    1. Electronic Pump ControllerModel: EC-1
      Voltage (V): 220-240
      Max. working pressure (bar): 10
      Starting up pressure(bar):1.2/1.5/2.2
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    1. Agent and Service

    MARQUIS developed very fast in the last two decades, and more than 15,000,000 end users in total have used our water pumps up to now. We have gained a favorable reputation around the world due to superior product quality and attentive service, and accordingly, the market share ranks pretty high on the global market. Our company and our agents & distributors share ...

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